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Jennifer Barth began taking dance classes at the age of six, and has been teaching the art of dance for over twenty five years! She has always had a strong love for dance and an even greater passion for sharing that love with others. Anyone that knows her can see the special and unique connection Jennifer forms with each dancer and family. She may be a mother of four, but she also has hundreds of students that still hold a special place in her heart.
Her oldest daughter, Chelsey Groshens, began taking classes at the age of four and has been competing all over the state of Minnesota ever since. She has taught at two different studios over the last eight years and is excited to be a part of this adventure with her mom!

"Sparx Dance Studio has been the dream for as long as I can remember. We are living the dream. I could not be more proud of my mother for following her dreams and showing me that anything is possible. I am also excited that she is sharing her dreams with me!"--Chelsey Groshens

Welcome to the dream, everyone. You won't be disappointed!

Sparx Dance Studio, LLC

Jennifer Barth, Chelsey Groshens and dancers


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